Jason - New York, NY

I am a physician who has been successfully trading options for the past three years. It took me five years of trial by fire to become profitable. In that span, I have been a member of over two dozen trading services and I can say with absolute conviction that GIobal Insight Research is by far the most superior service I've tried.

Here is why I endorse GIC:

A) Emphasis on Objective RR levels
A trader's worst enemy is emotion. Fear. Greed. Panic. How many services gloat about their winnings? "Boom!" "Go!" "Amazing!" Infusing emotion into trading is a detriment. In fact, sustaining profitable trading over the long haul requires a high degree of objectivity and Bruce is the master of that. He keeps members updated on levels that optimize risk versus reward. Entries and exits are well defined. His tone is even and focused, calm & confident, and I can't over emphasize how crucial that is for his members within the context of a dynamic market.

B) Flexibility
Like many of you, I have a day job. I do my homework on the weekends and actively watch the market 20 hours/week. With Global Insight Research, I no longer have the urgency nor necessity to watch every tick. I set my RR levels and I know when to enter and exit objectively.

C) Integrity
You would be hard pressed to find a more genuine and hard working man than Bruce. He has a passion for what he does and his success is measured by how well his members do, not by his own portfolio nor how many membership fees he collects. I can say this transparently after having spent hours with him on the phone as he asked for my feedback on his new website. His motivation is to help others and he has a remarkable service to share. Most of the "stock alert" services subsidize their own risk through use of member fees. They tell you what to fish for instead of teaching members how to fish for themselves. They have a perpetual income stream that allows them to take on risk in a volume of trades that most retailers cannot sustain. Global Insight, by contrast, provides tools and objective levels for members to use as they deem appropriate. Bruce is committed to updating members on key levels and he is not distracted by trading his own portfolio. He teaches traders how to trade and eventually identify trades on his/her own.

D) Content / Value
Having said the above, the membership fees are an exceptional value. Members receive live webinars, videos, custom charting, live tweets, reports on key stocks over the weekend and updates on the major indices and each morning and night. Both the quality and the quantity of resources is incredible.

E) Frequent Upgrades
Bruce is never complacent. Even though he has a remarkable service, he is continually seeking ways to improve. I have had the privilege of being one of his early members and I've seen the service develop into an amazing and more sophisticated tool. Bruce sets his ego aside and receptive to suggestions for the betterment of his trading community. As a paying member, I know that I am not only paying for GIC's remarkable trading tools but also for a teacher who is constantly striving to provide me with more resources.
Had Global Insight been around when I first started trading, I believe that my learning curve would have been cut from five years to one. Bruce is not going to tell you when and how to buy an option or stock. But he will teach you why. And if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn from this incredible teacher you can become an independently profitable trader yourself. I can think of no greater compliment to Bruce than to have you learn to succeed on your own. That is the what distinguishes Bruce from the rest: Objectivity. Flexibility. Integrity. Content. Commitment. Sign up and I doubt you will ever look back.

Scott - Belleair Beach, FL

I am truly impressed with Bruce' research. His Risk/Reward levels and target levels have been extremely accurate. He explains with clarity the correlation of these levels within cycles over several timeframes so whether you are a day-trader or swing-trader; the research adds value and eliminates much of the subjectivity typically associated with trading. I am truly pleased to be utilizing his research for my trading and my P&L would agree.

Neil - Chicago, IL

Prop Trader in Chicago. Experience in statistical arbitrage and relative value trading. I wanted to add value to my operation by developing a swing trading strategy. Something that would have similar style to relative value, but from an outright bias in individual futures products. I came across Bruce and asked if we could add some products to the mix to make the report of futures being watched a little more diversified. Not only has Bruce done that, but he has helped me learn how I would quantify risk and trade these products via the models/reports he provides. Risk and Reward is key and he outlines that perfectly in the reports. I was unsure how valid many of these areas would be until I saw how price action reacted during active trading. These areas Bruce mentions are key in my trading and the ability for me to understand my risks before I make large trades is very important to me continuing to develop my platform. He constantly spends time on his Private Twitter Stream to reiterate how important the Risk/Reward levels are so you do not forget what you are trading each day. This is critical!

Robert - TX

I'm a Physician from Texas and I have been a member of Global Insight Research since Bruce opened the site for new members in mid 2014. I had followed his post on Twitter for several months and became interested in what he was presenting. I noticed Bruce was providing information that was not available anywhere else and it was different than what I had been exposed to or taught in the past from any service or educator. Bruce is a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher and presents his proprietary system of market analysis teaching how to read and determine market cycles, RR areas of interest and targets for the market moves. He teaches you how to break down the trade cycles and determine what is most likely to occur next so you can learn to profit from those moves, but at the same time keep any losses to a minimum. Maximizing profits by capturing and trading the range and minimizing losses by learning when to step aside. Learning Bruce's system and following his model data which he provides with daily market updates, webinars and video's allows traders to be prepared for potential market moves and benefit from these moves. Bruce continues to improve the site on a weekly basis exposing members to more and more of his vast market and trading knowledge. Excellent service.

Tony - Perth, Western Australia

Thank you for your passion and desire to teach others how to use technical analysis for researching high probability trading opportunities. After trading stocks and options for several years and becoming frustrated with a lack of consistent results, I was recommended to sign up and try Global Insight Research. Since becoming a member I have greatly benefited from the consistency and accuracy of your reports, along with the expert tuition and mentoring provided in the daily webinars and private Twitter. Combined with the ability to contact you with questions, queries and requests for analysis, I believe Global Insight Research is a benchmark leader for training, guidance and unbiased reports. Looking forward to continuing the journey.

Dillon - WA

I'm Dillon from Washington State. I consider myself a more casual trader. I was frustrated and ready to move my money into something else until I ran across Bruce's site. I have been a member for 2 months and conducted 20 trades, 17 have made me money! Trading the RR is the way to do it, simplified trading by not having to sit all day watching the screen. Lots of information to digest and can't wait to learn more!!

Kelly - Surrey, B.C.

All I have to say is since joining Global Insight Research, I certainly have improved my trading skills and know when to enter and exit the market. I place lot of confidence in Bruce’s stock(s) analogy, and stock charts and reports are easy to follow and very valuable to achieve successful trades.

David - MI

“ I have been a day trader for several years, and Bruce hands down has the best daily research with Risk/Reward I have ever come across. The research, targets and most importantly the daily training is just about priceless. Knowing what and where the markets are going to will give you the upmost confidence to enter a position and capture maximum profits each and every day. Bruce is very dedicated through the day to keeping you informed, and very accessible for any questions if one has any. I cannot thank Bruce enough for his dedication and I look forward to a long relationship in the future."

Richard - Boca Raton, FL

Owner/COO of a Specialty Pharmacy catering to chronic diseases (i.e. HIV, Hep. C, and other high cost/high touch pharmaceuticals) Education: MBA Finance, MS Molecular Genetics

I utilize Bruce's service to understand the underlying cycles of the market. The service can benefit both the short and long term trader. I primarily use the service for short term trading opportunities as well as hedging my long term portfolio when the market conditions present themselves. For example, I was able to utilize Bruce's chart on BIDU a few weeks ago to trade around in both PUTS and CALLS as the stock reached certain levels. I was also able to utilize his charts for ES/SPY to know when to increase my hedges and when to lighten them up during the past few weeks. I find the service to be extremely helpful with my busy work schedule to set alerts at key levels to know whether to be aggressive or defensive in my trading.

Peter, London, UK

I am a discretionary day trader of US equities and US Equity Index Futures for my own account. I have been trading for a couple of years with success but found there were times when I was inconsistent in maximizing profits during range expansion, or would sometimes be on the wrong side of it.

Bruce's statistical research of price structure, cycles, volatility and range analysis brings a tradable edge with clear risk/reward levels and targets. I find the research is a great overlay to my own daily trade preparation and it helps keep me on the right side of the bigger energies and highest probabilities within the market.

Bruce dedicates a lot of time to working with clients, explaining his models and educating clients to learn to read the market and the highest probability outcomes. The accuracy of his research is exceptional. I have seem an immediate and consistent benefit to my P&L. I highly recommend this service.

Rajesh - GA

"I am writing this testimonial regarding Global Insights Research run by Bruce Moschella out of Florida. I first became acquainted with Mr. Moschella while watching his twitter feeds and made note of his highly accurate calls on the ES instrument. His calls were eerily accurate. I reached out to him and learned more about his services. After I found out about his services I decided to become a client about a year ago. I want to be honest here and tell you that it took a month to finally get his method and to be profitable. Now I very comfortable with his methods and very profitable. It was worth the time and money I spent.

Not a signal calling service:

There are many services out there that are just signal calling services but what Mr. Moschella provides is a set of tools that allow for a deeper understanding of market trends. This understanding allows me to capture the majority of the weekly move of an instrument. I am not tied down to my computer waiting for the next signal to be called by some Internet stock guru. The wonderful thing about Mr. Moschella is that he is very honest and generous with his time. I’ve spent several hours on the phone learning the methods that he teaches.


Mr. Moschella’s research is a proprietary set of tools that allows for weekly, monthly and even larger timeframe outlooks. So one can tailor their needs according to the timeframe that one wishes to trade in. Personally I trade on the weekly timeframe and I have added several high beta stocks along with the ES and NQ instruments.

Staying with the trend:

Anyone that has been trading for any length of time knows that is not easy nor is it predictable. That is why I found this method to be very unique in the sense that it allows for changes in the market outlook, waits for confirmation, and then allows you to trade with the trend. You may not be able to capture the entire move up or down, or nail the exact bottom or top, but you will be able to stay with the trend and not get shaken out.

Energy Management

Trading is an endeavor in risk and risk management. Mr. Moschella is always talking about the risk reward scenarios and how to set your risk tolerance and then execute the trade. This single piece of advice has done wonders for my trading results. Not every trade is going to be in your favor but certainly a vast majority of it will be. I’m very fortunate to be one of the very first clients that signed up with Mr. Moschella and will continue to be his client and friend for a very long time. If you want to see how a real professional does market research and want to see your portfolio grow you must join Global Insight Research."

Justin - ND

"I have a background in computer science and pharmacy. I followed the markets passively while in college. Since graduating from college, I have followed the markets actively for 5 years. What drew me to Bruce was the confidence and manner in which he explained the markets. He always said his models reveal the intentions of price. I wanted to know how because knowing the direction in the market is what every market participant including myself is asking on a continuous basis to determine what positions to establish. Learning this framework from Bruce has completely changed the way I view the markets."

Tony - FL

"I am a medical doctor and I have been successfully trading index futures and options since 1998. Recently I added Forex to my trading. My style of trading is swing trading using support and resistance levels with very little reliance on indicators, staying in a trade for few days. I am a student of the market, having read about every trading book printed, but I could still feel that there was a missing ingredient. Since starting with Bruce my trading has moved to the next level, the main difference is that I am now totally aware of the intentions of the markets and this knowledge alone is priceless. It is like having a compass and being able to anticipate the levels and the time of the next move, this in turns allows me to have very definite risk parameters which contributed to a sizable increase in my equity. This is the type of knowledge you take with you for life. I wish I came into this 10 years ago."

Dave - CO

"I work professionally as a computer engineer, but have a passion for trading. I've been trading part-time on and off for several years and found I was jumping around between approaches and being inconsistent. The most appealing ideas to me about GIC research was firstly that I could own the information. And secondly, that it could provide a framework in which to develop consistency. I've found that I've never had success following someone else's approach, but with this information, one can curtail it to one's own needs and personality. It isn't an easy job, but it has all the necessary ingredients to personalize for a successful trading approach. Bruce is both a solid trader and worthy teacher. The community and trading approaches being developed here are world-class."

Dennis - OH

"I currently run several businesses and teach at a University. I'm a PhD and am very active in research, reading, and understanding many different topics including: business, psychology, and information technology. However, one area I have always struggled with was understanding markets and what "drove" price. I have actively traded the markets since 2005, but found myself switching between fundamental and technical analysis trying to understand price intention. I struggled with this until coming across Bruce and Global Insight Research. They have provided a framework, time tested and proven models, that eliminates the guesswork out of the market's intention. Using the models, I have been able to substantially increase the number of successful trades I make while also reducing the total number of trades due to an increased level of confidence in my positions."


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