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Insight Research Services

The following analysis will cover the following future markets

  • U.S Equity Index Futures
    • S&P 500
    • NASDAQ Composite
    • Russell 2000
    • Dow Jones
  • Commodity Futures
    • Gold
    • Crude Oil

Trading Reports: Overnight (Sample) Daily (Sample) Weekly (Sample)

    • Pre-market & Cash session (ET) reports posted Monday - Friday
    • Overnight reports posted before the Globex session (ET) Sunday - Friday
    • Weekly trading reports posted Sunday
    • (RR) levels and upper & lower target-1 have - 75% - 80% odds of holding its initial bias
    • Statistical Targets 1-5. These targets have the following achievement percentages. T1-100%, T2-80%, T3-65% T4-55% & T5-50%
    • Bias 1 and Bias-2, Bias-1 is the preferred direction of the sessions trend
    • Upper & Lower target-1 strategy
    • Average target strategy
    • Session recap. It ended Bullish or Bearish
    • Commentary on how to maximize the reports "Private Twitter feed”

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